Aims & Philosophy


Galloping Gumnut aims to provide an environment that will help your child grow and develop in all areas. Our Service embraces the National Quality Framework and uses the National Quality Standards and uses the curriculum documents, 'The Early Years Learning Framework' and 'My Time Our Place' to inform our program and practices.


Specifically we aim to stimulate and extend your child to:

• Discover he/she’s a person of worth who can achieve and grow in many different ways

• Realise what he/she does affects others

• Express feelings in constructive ways

• Assume responsibility for his/her own behaviour

• Express ideas through art/music/language/science

• Develop foundations in literacy and numeracy

• Build their own confidence and self-esteem through positive interaction with other children and adults


If you want your child to:


• Develop creativeness

• Make decisions independently

• Develop physical co-ordination

• Extend social skills and behaviours

• Be self confident

• Enjoy learning

• Develop through positive PLAY experiences


... then our Early Childhood Program is just right for your child!  The key to successful learning experiences is to focus on your child’s interests, and to use those interests to engage your child in actively exploring and learning about their environment and their world.


You, the PARENT, are the child’s first and most important teacher.  Your home is your child’s first and continual environment.  You decide your family’s routine – when you get up, eat, play, do chores, etc.  The way you speak with your child makes a tremendous difference in how they think, how they feel about themselves, and the kind of people they will become.


We aim to be able to work co-operatively with you and your family when we visit your area.  We see our service as a vehicle to helping your child develop in an extended environment to their home.


Another extension of our service is community networking.  Many places that we visit are very remote and families do not have the opportunity to see each other very often.  Our sessions allow people in the community to gather, build friendships, and network to help build community morale, ownership and a sense of belonging.  Galloping Gumnut works closely with other community organizations such as schools, councils, hospitals, playgroups, sporting groups and other general services to ensure that a variety of needs are being met in the community.