Background - What is a Mobile?

Mobile Children’s Services provide flexible, responsive and innovative services to children and families experiencing social, geographic, cultural or economic isolation.  Focusing on the care and education of children, they aim to ensure that the children and families in isolated and disadvantaged communities in rural, urban and remote areas have access to good quality and safe children’s services, on a similar basis to other members of the NSW community.  A significant number of children in NSW would not have the opportunity to participate in early childhood activities without the access provided by Mobile Children’s Services.


Most Mobile Children’s Services in NSW are involved in the direct care and education of children.  Services aim to support the achievement of a child’s full developmental potential. 


As well as facilitating the normal development processes of children, Mobile Children’s Services have a long history in the ‘intervention support’ of children with additional needs, as well as ‘early intervention and time-out support’ of children in ‘at risk’ circumstances, or where parents simply need respite.


The day to day operation of many of the services involves the participation of parents.  This is particularly so in our play sessions, where parents stay at the session and participate in the program.  This is a welcome socialising opportunity for parents, and also creates the opportunity to learn about and discuss community and parenting issues.


This embeddedness in their communities makes them an ideal vehicle to provide a range of important services to children and families.  They act as a non-stigmatised entry point to the community service system.  Their flexibility allows them to respond to the changing needs of their communities as well as allows them to support the initiative of other community, health, or educational agencies.


Mobile Children’s Services are an essential part of the social fabric, community service, and educational infrastructure in many areas of NSW.  The hands-on/can do nature of the services, and the commitment of the dedicated staff and committees, make them a trusted and valuable part of their many communities.