Hargraves Play Session
  • Held at Hargraves Public School  

  • Weekly on a Wednesday

  • 9.30am - 12pm 

  • Robyn and Nicole

When travelling to this community we use our Ute instead of the truck to transport us there and back.


* A piece of fruit to share for morning tea

* Water in a drink bottle for your child/ren

* Sun safe hats for outdoor play


(PLEASE NOTE: Cash is the preferred method of payment for this Session)

$2.50 for the first child up to a maximum of $4.00 for the second and subsequent children.

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View the current timetable for this Play Session here


About the Hargraves Community


Hargraves is a small rural community located 42km southwest of Mudgee.

Hargraves was the site of the earliest  goldrush in the area. In June 1851 ‘Kerr’s Hundredweight’ was discovered by an Aboriginal shepherd on Dr Kerr’s ‘Hargraves’ station. It consisted of three gold specimens side-by-side weighing 48kgs. The largest stone (34kg) contained 27kg of gold. It had to be cut into numerous pieces before it could be transferred to Bathurst.


This find led to a flood of prospectors on to the Turon River goldfield, the earliest important field in NSW. Flat reef and saddle reef mines kept the town until the new riches of Hill End proved too much of an attraction in the early 1870’s. 


The town’s courthouse and police station date from around the 1870s. There is an old, decrepit wooden schoolhouse a kilometre out of town which locals believe was the first National School to be established west of the Blue Mountains. 


Please visit this link for more information on this community:- http://hargravesnsw.com.au/web/