Lithgow Play Session

Noah's Ark Babies Group


  • Held in Hoskin's Church Hall

  • Weekly on a Monday

  • 9.30am - 11.30am

  • Robyn & Nicole 


Noah’s Ark Babies Group is a partnership between Galloping Gumnut Mobile Children’s Service and Lithgow Uniting Church. Working together we aim to support families in providing a safe and secure learning environment. The program focuses on the age range 0-3 years, however older siblings are welcome.


The Playsession also provides opportunities for socialising and networking with other families of young children.


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About the Lithgow Community


Lithgow. is a city in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales. It is located in a mountain valley named Lithgow's Valley by John Oxley in honour of William Lithgow, the first Auditor-General of New South Wales.


Lithgow is on the Great Western Highway, about 150 km or two hours drive west of Sydney,or via the old mountain route, Bells Line of Road, from Windsor.


Lithgow is surrounded by a varied landscape which includes national parks, one of which, the Blue Mountains National Park, is a World Heritage Area. The Wollemi National Park is home to the Jurassic-age tree the Wollemi Pine, which was found growing in a remote canyon in the park.


Please visit this link for more information on this community:-,_New_South_Wales